Container idea: Sunset colours that cool it in the heat

The sun has almost completed its wide arc around your house and is low on the horizon, finally lighting up your back patio. Beads of moisture start to form on your icy G&T. After hours of chilly AC, you’re loving the heat. But for your flower-filled planters, maybe not so much.

If you walk out onto your patio at the end of a long day to find pots filled with plants more horizontal than upright, you’re not alone. Finding great looking container plants that only need partial sun is challenging enough. Trying to find plants that don’t mind shade and heat is something else.

For a special spot in your garden or a condo balcony that only gets sun in the afternoon at the peak of the day’s heat wave, here’s a short list of gorgeous container-friendly plants to colour up your cocktail hour. Click on any image to start the slideshow.



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