Vertical Succulent Living Wall

Living walls are a fascination of mine. This example is particularly striking and, importantly, do-able. Cautionary notes regarding the length of time it takes for some succulents to take root before you can hang the project are particularly helpful.

I made and designed succulent arches for a client recently that hand vertically. I was commissioned to make two of them and they would hang in the exterior entryway of their home. Each vertical garden is approximately 7′ tall and almost 2′ wide.

During this process I discovered that certain succulents can take longer than 6 weeks to root. For a piece this large, the rooting time is more like 8 weeks to 12 weeks. That means the piece needs to lay on it’s back planted for longer than 8 weeks and then it can be tested and hung vertically.

One of them finally rooted and is now hanging. Here are a few photos of it… It ended up being beautiful!

Succulent Living Wall (1)Succulent Living Wall (2)Succulent Living Wall (3)Succulent Living Wall (4)I love creating these pieces. The end product is always stunning.

Thanks for reading!

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