New year, new name, new look

Colourful twigs

Prickly brambles and dogwood twigs create a colourful still-life flurry along a walk at RHS Wisley in England.

This is the last posting for After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to give this blog a makeover, starting with a new name: The Ministry Of The Fence. When you see this name pop up in your media feeds, I hope you take a second to check it out. I’ll still be covering a variety of topics on gardening but you’ll find a stronger focus on going wilder in a post wild world, working with the environment and exploring new ways to liven up the garden at home and in extraordinary gardens around the world. I hope you’ll continue to join me. The garden is out there. It’s time to grow boldly.

4 thoughts on “New year, new name, new look

  1. I read somewhere that Linnaeus named a particularly unattractive weed after one of his contemporaries in revenge for some persistent criticism. I’m glad he’s not around to see you drop his name from the blog! Not sure if Linnaeus would agree but the new name and plans sound great. Best of luck.

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  2. Happy New Year! Here’s to new beginnings…
    I’ll keep an eye out for Ministry of The Fence – love the new name! Will I need to re-subscribe, or will that happen automatically?


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