Red roses

Rose success from bed to table

Roses are fabulous flowers to have in a garden and, I’m discovering, not nearly as finicky a plant as you might think. Just give them a nice, sunny bed with a little elbow room and a banana. I’ll back up. I read once that the head rose gardener for New York City’s Central Park swore…

Divide Me Please

Had to share this timely post on dividing plants by fellow blogger Donna of Garden Walk Garden Talk. She lists plants that should be divided and when, as well as plants that aren’t happy about being divided. Be sure to peruse her blog. Her posts are always thoughtful, informative and filled with great photography.

Morning glory seedlings

The needs of seeds

Last year at about this time, I had a tray full of seedlings–the promise of long twining, gloriously blooming morning glories. What I didn’t realize at the time was that they were doomed. Among other things, my kitchen window, sunny and inviting as it is, just didn’t offer enough solar power for my little green…

Soil knife

Hiya, Hori-hori!

Grabbing hold of a fabulous new designer bag could put a little zing in my spring but, as the earth finally warms up, my heart usually beats faster for a shiny new weapon of weed destruction. This season, the must-have is a hori-hori–and not just because of its cool name. “Hori” is Japanese for “to dig” and,…


To prune or not to prune

Pruning is one of those divisive words that can inspire fear, joy or annoyance but I think we can all agree that a shrub or tree, when in need of a trim and correctly pruned, looks the better and is healthier for it. But that’s the problem. How do you know what needs to be…