Hiya, Hori-hori!

Soil knifeGrabbing hold of a fabulous new designer bag could put a little zing in my spring but, as the earth finally warms up, my heart usually beats faster for a shiny new weapon of weed destruction.

This season, the must-have is a hori-hori–and not just because of its cool name. “Hori” is Japanese for “to dig” and, apparently, if you are in Japan and want to make the sound of digging, you say “hori hori”.

I just say “Let me loose with this thing!” Its brutally elegant design was tailor-made for a boatload of gardening tasks, including but not limited to:

  • weeding, especially dandelions with their long tap roots
  • dividing plants (like hostas)
  • making even holes for bulb planting (there’s a measuring rule engraved on one side of the blade)
  • cutting roots and loosening dirt when trying to create a hole for planting
  • easing a plant out of a pot
  • cutting sod and scraping the dirt off the pieces of turf
  • neatening lawn edges
  • prying rocks or stones from compacted earth
  • slicing open plastic bags and cutting string
  • creating even furrows for seed planting
  • stirring extra-slushy margaritas

Ok, I made that last one up. But I’m going to have fun this season putting my hori-hori to good use. Get yours at any well-stocked gardening supply store.

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