Flower to the rescue: Toad lily

Toad lily close-up

The delicate Toad Lily will light up a shady spot throughout fall.

Though its name suggests otherwise, the Toad Lily (Tricyrtis) is a delicate wonder. And it’s really helpful for shady spots in the fall garden–the part of the garden that so often looks the worst first as summer fizzles out. Blooming from September until late in the season in Southern Ontario, they’ll light up a spot even in full shade with small starry spangles (though you’ll get a better show if they get a little light in part shade).

They’re not overly picky about the soil they’re plunked into though they do need it to be moist and well-draining–they definitely won’t do well in a drought. But if you keep your plant well-watered, it’ll keep coming back with sprays of blooms. Some Toad Lily varieties, like Tricyrtis formosana, are covered in deep pink or wine spots making them even more eye-catching.


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