Container idea: Ring of fire(wood)

Log planter

Stumped for a plant container idea? Try this design using small logs.

Having leftover firewood at our place is a little like having leftover wine. Basically, it never happens. But if the fascination with setting things, er, logs aflame slows to the point where we do have some hanging around, I’m definitely going to try this nifty idea I came across during a terrific weekend visit to Bobcaygen, deep in Southern Ontario’s cottage country. (More on this funky town and its fabulous gardens in tomorrow’s post.)

A piece of plywood, cut into a round, is used as the base. The logs are placed upright around the edge of the plywood disc and nailed together. This idea is easily translatable as a series of containers of various heights–just the ticket for getting a wonderfully rustic cottage feel even for a very small urban garden.

5 thoughts on “Container idea: Ring of fire(wood)

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