In the big city, tiny paradises

A pool with its own rain maker, a veggie patch on wheels, complete with pinwheel, and strings of Christmas tree bulbs carefully chosen to match the posies in a June-blooming front garden…. Yup, these can only mean one thing–the annual Cabbagetown garden tour in downtown Toronto. Yesterday, I did this annual walkabout with one of my best friends. The two of us have been meeting up to take part in this self-guided tour for years now and we still can’t decide whether it’s the jaw-dropping gardens (some of them so small you can barely swing a glass of chardonnay), the gardeners (all passionate about their very personal paradises), or getting to sneak peaks into the windows of some of the most crazy-stylish homes in town. Here’s a taste of what we discovered this year. All of these ideas reflect their very urban environment yet they can all inspire ways to personalize a suburban yard, too. Click on any image to start the slideshow.


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