Fountain and rocks in front garden

Love that curb appeal

Real estate agents love to talk “curb appeal”. In Toronto’s Cabbagetown, home-owners have taken this concept to a whole new level. Here are some ways home-proud gardeners have created teeny, tiny front yards that can make any sidewalk stroller do an “Oh, wow!” Click on any image to get more info.

Garage with slatted walls

In the big city, tiny paradises

A pool with its own rain maker, a veggie patch on wheels, complete with pinwheel, and strings of Christmas tree bulbs carefully chosen to match the posies in a June-blooming front garden…. Yup, these can only mean one thing–the annual Cabbagetown garden tour in downtown Toronto. Yesterday, I did this annual walkabout with one of…

Monarch butterfly

Of monarchs and milkweed (Suzuki rocks!)

You may have heard that Monarch butterflies aren’t doing very well this year. Turns out their numbers have hit an all-time low while they were winter vacationing in Mexico. Jode Roberts of the Toronto-based Homegrown National Park Project reports on David Suzuki’s website that there are two reasons for this: severe weather and “the virtual eradication…