Put the blooms on repeat

Reblooming rose

Oso Easy® Italian Ice® Rose continuously reblooms all summer long.

You can watch your fave episode of Sons Of Anarchy twice, so why can’t you do the same with your plants?

Well, you can.

Amazingly, there are plenty of perennials that burst into flower and then, do it again, and sometimes, again and again. Talk about getting your money’s worth–particularly when these plants, being perennials, will come back each year to repeat their repeat performances.

Here are some of my faves, all available in Southern Ontario:

Clematis Nelly Moser: Clematis as a plant in general can be a little fussy but Nelly Moser reliably delivers with gorgeous mauve flowers striped with a dark purple flowers in May and June and then again in September.

Viburnum Molly Schroeder: I love a viburnum for it’s lovely leaves but the delicate pink flowers of the Molly Schroeder give a great show in May and again in the fall.

Lilacs: There’s a lilac for every garden these days even if you don’t have a garden. Syringa ‘Purple Be Dazzled’ is a new dwarf lilac that can be grown in a container on a condo balcony. It blooms in early spring and again in late summer. If you’ve got more room in your garden, try any lilac from the Bloomerang series. They bloom in spring along with all the other conventional lilacs but then blooms again from mid-summer into fall. The Bloomerang Dark Purple lilac is new this year.

Hydrangeas: Yup, some of these babies rebloom, too. Look for Rhapsody Blue (blooming in early summer and then again in late summer) from the Let’s Dance hydrangea series or Endless Summer which repeat blooms throughout the summer.

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