Container idea: Customize half-price pots 4 ways

Plants in potsWho doesn’t love a short-cut? And when the short-cut saves you money? Even better.  Ready-planted containers are a fast and easy solution for turning your backyard from lawn-mower country to cocktail lounge. And if you wait just another couple of days, most of those containers, looking at their peak of lushness, are going to go on sale. Here are some ideas for putting your own spin on your half-prices scores.

1. Make it your own.  You don’t have to settle for the colour combos that the garden centre decided on. It’s OK to switch the plants from one container to another once you’re home. Just be sure each final grouping of plants get along together i.e. love the same amount of light and water.

2. Make it even more your own. I’m not keen on those plastic pots most ready-filled container plantings come in. Plopping the flower-filled container into another, slight larger container of your own makes the final look so much more…..well, more. No worries if the two pots don’t make an exact fit. I’ll fill up the larger container with bricks, rocks, pieces of wood or whatever so the smaller container can sit in it at the right height.

3. Think higher. A bunch of containers lined up in a row on your patio or grouped in an artfully arranged bunch is fine. But adding varying heights takes your potted creations to a whole new level, literally. Look around the house and garden to find fun things to use as bases. Hanging baskets can go even higher. Think of hanging them from the boughs of a tree.

4. Don’t get hung up on hangers. Just because a garden centre sold you a hanging basket doesn’t mean you are required to hang it. If you love the plant combo in the basket but don’t have a place to hang it, just pull off the hanger part (it’s usually pretty ugly anyway). If the basket includes lots of lovely trailing bits, then just place the basket on something that gives it height – anything from another pot turned upside down to an old bar stool. Or place it at the top of a stair case so the trailing bits can spill down one side of the stairs.

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