A belly full of LOL garden video tips

The growers at Peaceful Belly Farm in Dry Creek Valley, Idaho, want you to know that “No vegetables were harmed in the making of this video.” Indeed, their musical promotion for a past garden sale is as much a celebration of peace, love and bad velour pants as you’re ever going to see. But for those enterprising gardening bloggers who’re thinking of trying their hand at producing a garden video or two next spring (touted to be the best way to attract more views to a posting), take note of how these creative farmers have made their “curious cucumbers and other worldly melons” become delightfully lingering memes thanks to a liberal use of lamé and Mardi Gras beads. (Continued below video.)

If you watched the video above and are now thinking “Wow! I have got to make my own gardening video! This looks like so much freaking fun!” then check out How To Make Videos Yourself on the comprehensive Good Garden Videos website. But before things get too serious, watch the Making Of Freaks Of The Garden video below which gives you a not-so-master class in garden video-making, also from Peaceful Belly Farm, with lots of LOL behind the scenes footage. You’re welcome.

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