Soften the Environmental Blow With a Green Roof!

If you liked my post on Growing A Cooler Backyard, you’ll love this posting from The Creative Flux on green roofs. An interesting read on different kinds of green roofs, how they can be an economical option and what you need to consider if you’d like to build one.

The Creative Flux

Ever since I attended an architectural product luncheon back in 1993, where a Swiss rep was showing his wares – various sizes of the plastic, egg crate-looking modules holding the planting medium used to create planted roofs – and lauding their inherent benefits, I have been wondering why green roofs did not instantly rise to their deserved superstar status in the building world. By no means a novel idea, it seems the acknowledged benefits of green roofs are finally entering a well deserved renaissance, even though it has yet to turn into the kind of sweeping rage that solar panels are enjoying. A visit to the Oregon Convention Center for the recent Green Roof Expo yielded an abundance of green roof approaches, and a plethora of options – products, plants and philosophies. Maybe we’re nearing the point when the world will see the light? Green roofs are too cool to…

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