A Wind Orchid dances in the rain

My guy and I just got back from an epic road trip to Maine and I couldn’t wait to show you the mesmerizing moves of this dancing garden sculpture we discovered on a rainy day at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Powered only by the wind, its long, curving stems appear to dip and sway. Called Wind Orchid, the stainless steel piece by kinetic sculptor George Sherwood looks delicate but it’s built to withstand even the roughest east coast weather. Reportedly, Wind Orchid has already danced through two hurricanes and quite a few nor’easters since it was installed in 2007. Here you’ll see it dancing through rain drops in a June breeze. Lots of photos of all the gardens at this magical place coming up in my next post.

2 thoughts on “A Wind Orchid dances in the rain

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