Down a garden path, the suspension of disbelief

Cornelia Konrads 4

Moment of Decision (2004) Winter Biennale Lulea (Sweden) by Cornelia Konrads. Photo by Cornelia Konrads published with permission of the artist.


Cornelia Konrads freezes fantastical moments. I’ve never seen one of her works in real life but even photos of them inspire the suspension of disbelief.

She’s created site specific installations and objects for public and private spaces all over the world, including her native Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, the U.S.A., Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and, I’m thrilled to learn, Canada.

Many of her works are made with natural elements such as wood and stone. That she uses these things to basically defy gravity and does it with a light hand–as if the work somehow grew out of the landscape–must be gobsmacking to experience first hand.

As the full weight of winter is felt on our psyches and our gardens, taking a virtual wander through this extraordinary woman’s works can you leave you feeling lighter.

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