The Natural History of Star Wars: Part I

Canadian Museum of Nature Blog

Have you ever wondered: Are Ewoks and Jawas related to each other? What kind of plants were Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru growing on their moisture farm? Do the crystals in a Jedi’s lightsaber come from granitic pegmatites? In the lead-up to the museum’s Star Wars Identities: Nature Nocturne, Paul Sokoloff examines the natural history of George Lucas’s richly developed universe, indulging his inner Star Wars fan in an unusual way!

Star Wars is an incredibly vast and deeply developed realm. It encompasses six movies, four television series, a Christmas special (Google it), numerous video games, and enough Expanded Universe books to fill a star cruiser. The imagination and passionate work of many people have fleshed out fully realized fictional realm, complete with politics, religion, social commentary, science and much more. To me, the most striking facet of the Star Wars universe are the ecosystems, planets and galaxy-spanning natural…

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