Black thoughts: Turning your garden to the dark side

Sick of all those happy, shiny bright blooms out there? Reaching for your shades rather than endure another moment of glowing greenness? Same here. Come mid-July, I’m over the smiley-face-yellow flowers, the cherub-bum-pink rosebuds and the so-cheery-my-face-hurts flowerpots.

It’s time for some black.

Actually, I think a little black is great for the garden any time of year. A black fence makes any run-of-the-mill plants set against it look amazing. Plastic patio furniture looks more cool than kitschy in black. And black plants add notes of style and irony that can turn a flowerbed or container planting from cute to gorgeous.

Here are some quick ideas for adding a touch of darkness to your garden. Click on any image to start the slideshow and get the full story.

One thought on “Black thoughts: Turning your garden to the dark side

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