Money pit detours

Garden tchotchkes

Give the boot to garden tchotchkes? Not on your life.

I just got tipped off by the folks at Garden Rant that they’d been asked by Time Inc.’s for some “brutally honest” advice about where to spend big moola on your garden and when to keep your cash in your pocket. From an online collective with a website subtitled “Uprooting the gardening world” that includes categories like “Shut up and dig” and “Ministry of Controversy”, there’s no doubt brutal honesty will be delivered.

Though I disagree with the very last tip about not getting sucked into parting with your hard earned loonies for a garden ornament of questionable taste–I figure where else are you gonna let your freak flag fly than in your backyard?–the rest of the article is bang on. I’m particularly loving the comment about commercial pesticides and fertilizers. And don’t get me started about “fancy overpriced plants”.

Check out “Smart Money Advice for Rookie Gardeners” and let the mud slinging begin.



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