Can garden gloves make you laugh?

Game of Thorns glovesCan garden gloves make you laugh?

(In a LOL way. Not a nervous giggling kind of way.)

They can if they come from Watson Gloves of Burnaby, B.C. I think I love this company. It’s so refreshing to see people making good products and doing a good job of getting that product out to people without taking themselves too seriously. Take their mission statement, for instance: “Sell lots of good quality gloves! Retire early, get handicap down, quit smoking and lose 15 lbs.” I call that a mission statement.

Gloves from Watson Gloves

Watson Gloves “Game of Thorns” gloves with forearm protection.

New for Spring 2014 is the Game of Thorns glove. When I fell upon the promotion for this design (see above) while flipping through a gardening magazine, I very nearly had coffee coming out my nose. But seriously, this design lets you get elbow deep into nasty pruning situations with nary a worry.

My quince hedge, with its inch-long needle-like thorns, will not see me coming. BwaaHAAhahahahaha!



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