This Mother’s Day, skip the chicken special and hit the road

Pond and irises

Wild irises along the banks of a pond near Gerogetown, Ontario.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. For all those people who have left figuring out what to do until now, I have one suggestion: Skip the chicken special and hit the road. I know. Taking dear old Mum out for a special meal is right up there with giving her flowers or a plant and buying her something sparkly. Hey, I get it. You want to do something memorable i.e. spend some money on something she’ll remember. You’re not alone. Mother’s Day is big business–estimated in the U.S. to reach close to $20 billion in spending this year.

Trail and meadow

A trail meanders through a meadow near Georgetown, Ontario

So here’s an alternative to making everyone lineup to get a table at that fancy restaurant–get in the car and take her to a park, a garden or even a wilderness trail. (BTW: there’s research that proves Moms hate waiting for dinner on Mother’s Day. Really. Just warning you.)

Here’s how a walk somewhere bursting with spring’s beauty registers on the BestMother’sDayEver-O-Meter.

  • Many parks and trails are free so you don’t need to spend any money. Mum will admire the fact that you were thoughtful and thrifty.
  • We all know that getting outside for fresh air, sunshine and walking around in, you know, nature is good for us. Check out my posting on how trees actually relieve stress and give off good-for-you chemicals if you don’t believe this.
  • You can learn something and so can your Mom. I haven’t been up a trail or down a garden path yet where I didn’t bring home at least one idea for my own garden. Tours of private gardens are the ultimate experience for this kind of take-home-ideas strategy.
  • This could be the start of something great. Why not trade in that If-It’s-An-Expensive-Sunday-Brunch-It-Must-Be-Mother’s-Day feeling for a regular weekend city escape. Just you, your Mom, various other family members, and a wide wonderful world of green memories to made.


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