In your garden a little wildness must go

Wildflower book cover

Miriam Goldberger’s new book Taming Wildflowers makes going wild in your own garden easy and rewarding.

Are you ready to go a little wild in your garden? Miriam Goldberger says there are 60 ways to do it. (Don’t get your rubber hose in a knot quite yet.) We’re talking sixty of her favourite native wildflowers and grasses. She knows what she’s talking about. Miriam is founder and co-owner of Wildflower Farm, a wildflower seed production company in Ontario. She’s also an expert on organic and sustainable gardening. (She was a celebrity speaker at Canada Blooms 2014.) In Taming Wildflowers, her new book, she rolls out all the info you need to understand the relationship between the buds and bees and choosing the right plants for your garden. There’s even a guide to her favourite non-natives that will have your head-spinning–so many drop-dead gorgeous choices, so little time. Her chapter on growing plants from seeds is entitled “Making Babies”. Yep, this wildness is hot stuff but the book is PG-rated throughout, as in Perfectly Great. Here’s a peek at her pages.

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