Container idea: This basil brings a trunk

Basil topiary in container

Ocimum basilicum ‘Long Foot’ is a basil with a woody trunk. Photo courtesy of President’s Choice brand.

There are lots of amazing new plants being introduced in Southern Ontario this spring. I’ll keep you posted on the best over the next few weeks. Here’s one of my faves: a basil topiary. Tiny, tender basil leaves crown a woody (yep!) stem. Harvest the leaves all summer for salads and pasta dishes. Then bring the container in come fall and continue to enjoy it’s fresh/spicy taste the rest of the year. As you harvest the leaves, you’re keeping the topiary’s shape. Eventually the stem will grow into a miniature tree trunk. The variety shown at left is called ‘Long Foot’, exclusive to Loblaws’ stores. Watch for it when grocery store pop-up garden nurseries open later this spring.

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