Audio sculpture

Speaking the Language

Here is a wonderful post I had to share from fellow blogger champagne For an amazing few minutes of pure beauty, watch the videos of bird song turned into audio sculptures. Simply stunning. Here is the link: Speaking the Language

Nesting material

A fluff piece for the birds

Warning: this post is a fluff piece. And it’s strictly for the birds. Fluff is important for building a nice, cosy nest. All soon-to-be Bird Moms know this. But pollution, weed killers and our innate desire to clean up our gardens has resulted in a dearth of plant-based fluff. But there are ways you can…

Cardinal birds

Custom homes for feathered and furry friends

Spring is in the air and the birds and the bees are….well, you know. And, by all reports, everyone’s doing fine with the making babies part but caring for the little rascals has become more of a challenge. Birds, in particular, are finding it hard to find suitable accommodations for bringing up baby because, what…